Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Process Blogs" this week! And simply the best coat ever.

I've been creating various paintings this weekend and I'll be "process blogging" about how I created them throughout this week. Here are some in progress pictures. I'm currently waiting for layers to dry on all of these so I can start the next phase.

Underpainting awaiting various glazes

Crackle paste in the process of drying/cracking, awaiting a mosaic overpainting

Modeling paste textured canvas with distressed glaze awaiting foreground painting

Under drawing with clear granular gel being applied

As the clear granular gel dries, it becomes transparent and awaits glazes and paint

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On an unrelated note, my birthday is in a little less than two weeks and I've found what I want:

My husband and I went shopping a couple of weeks ago and he found this coat at Anthropologie. It's simply the best coat ever (along with my yellow Ann Taylor coat, but that's more of a "Fall jacket" than a winter coat) and I need a warm winter coat. I always go for cuteness, not warmth, so finding this gem that offers both is pretty much a once-in-a-decade event for me.

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