Monday, October 12, 2009

SALE!!! And a new car!

First off! SALES!! Sales sales everywhere. I'm having an inventory clearance sale to make room in my husband's closet for more of my paintings while not taking anymore of his "clothing room." Everything is 20 to 50% off!! And custom orders are 15% off! On the big paintings, this is a big huge discount. On the small paintings, you're still looking at $10 to $20 to $30 off! Can't beat that!

Simply click here to mosey on over to ArtsAfire and see what you'd like to buy for your walls today!

Also! ArtByJay is having a huge ACEO and art print sale! They are all 40% off! This means you only pay $4 for ACEOs and $12 for prints! Much like you can't beat the sale in my shop, you can't beat this sale, either!

So, if you're of the watercolor persuasion, simply click here to mosey on over to ArtByJay to pick out a gorgeous print to adorn your walls!

So since we went to Disneyland right before my last post...

we went again. And we bought a car! (Which is why we went again--the car was 10 miles from Disneyland!) So we ended up just getting our Annual Passports while we were there. Believe me, we were kicking ourselves for not just upgrading our tickets since we'd been there TWO WEEKS BEFORE, but hey, we didn't think we'd be going back until April so that's when we'd buy our Annual Passes! But now we can also go for my birthday on November 6th since it's the Birthday Celebration year and I'll get free money since I don't need a free ticket.

But anyway. Here's our BEAUTIFUL car!

We're still waiting for the bank to send us the title, hence the Cali license plates. The Utah DMV is the most obnoxious DMV I've ever encountered. Can't get a temporary "no title" permit without receipt of title, but can't get receipt of title without the title, and then why would you NEED a temporary "no title" permit if you had the title? You could just get your registration!

Ever since our last Cobra (1996 Mustang SVT Cobra) was totaled in January...

...we've been aching for another one. So when we found this baby (1997 Mustange SVT Cobra with only 52,000 miles on it, already supercharged and fully awesome) we had to jump on it!

So now we have our two cars. Which was the plan when we ordered the Mini Cooper S back in October of last year.

Here I am with the cars. And this picture shows just how short I am.


cosmicolive said...

but you're cute and donning a killer hat; makes up for the vertical challenges you have to suffer.

Sara said...

Thanks! I love my hat! :) Got it at Disneyland. It has skulls and crossbones on it--Pirates of the Caribbean!

esque said...

Lol cosmic!

Totally awesome rides! It pains me to see that totaled 'stang! On the other hand, the new one is total eye candy!


Christina of Akane Designs said...

I love after sharing your sales and personal car stories, you mention how short you are. lol