Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dream Recap: Trippy Space Dreams

Lately I've been having a lot of space dreams. Really crazy, sometimes terrifying, space dreams. And then, of course, there was the "Professor Snape is trying to kill us with an electrified dimension-hopping piano!" dream.

So, for posterity, and kicks and giggles, here's a recap of my last week or so of dreams (and nope, not pregnant):

1) I had a dream that groceries cost $1599 because sour cream rang up at $1107. Instead of just putting the sour cream back, I said, "Wow, we're only shopping at Costco from now on" and we abandoned our cart. And then, as we left the store and Jeremy went to get the car, evil transformer-like things that absorbed people (like Cartman's evil trapper keeper on South Park) took over the world and I have no idea where Jeremy went. I ended up in space with Stan from South Park (who had been absorbed by the trapper keeper evil transformer, but turned the machine good) in a Chips Ahoy galaxy with a caramel swirl center (we got there through a really trippy wormhole) and Kyle (also from South Park--noticing a theme?) was the commander at the resistance headquarters in space and I had to jump down no less than 8 swirly canyons to get away from the evil robot chasing me and I hit a lot of trees on the way down. Overall, it was terrifying and quite painful.

2) I had a dream that our friends Derek and Tiffany were illegal spicy burrito dealers. They got their burrito supply from Mexico.

3) I had a dream that I was an intergalactic foreign ambassador to the alien nations and I worked for NASA. I drove a Z06 Corvette (that looked more like an Audi R8 than a Corvette) through space as my primary mode of transportation. And my name was Jane because "Sara" was offensive to the aliens, and I cared more about my "intergalactic foreign ambassador" dream job than my name. I went to a space school to deliver something and ran into my old old old friends Justin and Cameron, neither of whom I have seen or spoken to in years. Then Justin made me miss my flight to Minneapolis.

4) I had a dream that wasps took over the world and when they stung people they turned them into zombies. So we had to build an underground shelter to escape the wasps and the zombies. It took eight years to complete and there was a lot of close calls (running from wasps and zombies). And then when we finally got down to the shelter and we realized we didn't have any batteries. So we had to go topside again.

5) I had a dream that Professor Snape was trying to kill all of us (students) with an electrified piano. The piano was basically a black baby grand piano and when you played a certain note, electricity would shoot out and wrap around your arms and suck you into a blue and black wormhole that sent you to another dimension. And when that didn't work, he tried to kill you by pouring watered down popcorn on you. I don't really remember how that worked...So, after saving people and running from him (all around my grandparent's house, which is where the entire dream took place), I told him that I wished he'd die because he was evil and he tried to put watered down popcorn on me. When I woke up from the dream, I fell back to sleep and the dream started up again--but Spock had taken the place of Snape.

I'll let you know what happens tonight.


Amanda said...

Good idea to write them all down. I'm sure you and your future children will have lots of laughs about it.

Glad you're not pregnant (if you don't want to be), but it was a very plausible explanation. When I was pregnant with Wes, I'd have the most vivid crazy dreams. I would get so confused that I thought my dreams were real. I'd ask Dave about something that happened in my dream, but he never knew what I was talking about.

Sara said...

See, there's no way I could mix these dreams up with reality. Because deep down I know that evil Trapper Keeper Transformers who absorb people won't be taking over the world.

It was a very plausible explanation, though.

Ash said...

Now that was a great read! Thank you for sharing your dreams... Mine are so out there sometimes they don't even make enough sense on waking to describe!