Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A $20 art sale? Feedback, please.

I've found that I've been going in a different direction lately with my art and I'd really like to have a more cohesive look to my shop starting in the new year. But to do that, I need to move most of my current inventory.

I have a day job that I like, so I'm not terribly concerned about massive profits on my current stuff--I'm mostly concerned with moving it out and perhaps picking up some money for the holidays.

So here's my thought: a 2-day $20 art sale. Everything for $20. Big huge stuff for $50, probably. Or maybe $75?

I need some feedback before I decide to do it, though, since it's kind of a big step.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Also, I no have Google Wave and I don't know anyone else who has it. It's kind of boring when there's no one else on it. If you have it, feel free to add me or whatever you do on there: saramharris@googlewave.com. I'm still figuring it out.


Amanda said...

I think it's a good idea, especially if your main goal is to clean out your closets. Will you make any money off the paintings?

Judy said...

I think it is a great idea and it will also draw in new customers.

Sara said...

Yup, main goal is to clean out the closet. I've painted so much in the past two months that I can't paint anymore since I have no where to put it.

And yeah, I'll make money off of most of it.

Sara said...

Thanks, Judy! I got the earrings and they're beautiful! I'm wearing them today. :)