Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Line of Classic Pooh Art

I'm starting a new line of Classic Pooh art. You can purchase it by clicking here. Previously I've just given my Winnie the Pooh art away as gifts, but my dream is to be a Disney illustrator and drawing these things are my favorite things to do, so I figured I'd devote more time to it. And this is my first one.

Here are some detail shots:

(The image quality is small/not the greatest to prevent any printing at full size.)

I've got more to come, too. Especially some Eeyore ones--Eeyore is the best!


Avi said...

We love Pooh!

Sara said...

I love Pooh, too! He's hard not to love. :)

Amanda said...

I LOVE it!! Can't wait to see more!

hollyzhobby said...

Pooh, eeyore, piglet, they're all priceless classics loved by every generation. Great artwork. You've got a winner there.