Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We love car shows!

My husband and I get really excited right after the holidays because it means the Utah Auto Expo is coming up. This does not mean that we want the holidays over with--no, no, no. They are our favorite time of the year and mark the season of pine scented home fragrance oils, compulsive over shopping, white hot chocolate, and cozy nights playing video games. But when the holidays are over, we don't despair as much as we would if there weren't the auto expo around the 15th of January.

And it was pretty good this year. For some reason there were no BMWs, which I can handle, I own a Mini and prefer it over the purebred BMWs, and there was no unlocked Corvette for me to sit in this year, but they did have a few choice vehicles.

There is, of course, the 2010 Taurus SHO (me with the engine). I have never been impressed by Taurus' in the past. Hated them, as a matter of fact. So when the Taurus came back, I didn't expect much. But that Taurus SHO--woah. Not only does it have a twin turbo and a quarter mile time of 13 seconds flat and is as fast 0-60 as our last Cobra, it's a family car. It has four doors and miles of leg room. And it's sexy.

So yes, I dream about that car. If we have kids by the time it's time to turn in the Mini, I can't guarantee that I won't want to drop the Mini leasing deals and turn to the Taurus SHO. More likely, however, we'll garage the Cobra as a weekend car, continue leasing Minis, and get an SHO.

And there is, hopefully, our retirement car. The ZR1 Corvette. Meow.

After the car show we almost always head over to the Barnes & Noble down the street and grab a drink. This year was no exception. After that, we went furniture shopping and discovered a massive massive sale at our furniture store, which resulted in the apartment remodel which will be posted tomorrow!

And one more shout out to my new line of Classic Pooh art. I'm working on a lot more of them tonight, but the first one is available for sale by clicking here!

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