Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Paintings, New Techniques

I've been working on some paintings this week that are technically completely different from my other paintings. Usually I incorporate texture into the majority of my paintings through the use of some acrylic mediums, but the paintings I'm working on now are completely made using a light molding paste that has been tinted with color. The hard part is what I've got to do now:


There are 7 layers of molding paste there, all in varying shades of blue (and white, with a layer of asparagus-colored green thrown in for an occasional burst of color). Now I need to sand back the layers to show parts of all 7 layers on the canvas at random. The layers alternate between a layer of a flat color and a layer of designs followed by another layer of a flat color, etc... a la this picture:

Same concept, same technique, but this one will be completely black, white, and grey

Unfortunately, once it was all dry today and ready to sand, I discovered that my electric palm sander is not up to the task. So during my lunch break tomorrow I've gotta go to Lowe's and pick up a higher powered circular sander and not skimp on it this time--Hitachi here I come. Once I get it done I'll post a finished picture. It's going to be gorgeous!

I've also got a few ideas that I've discussed with the art director for an upcoming photo shoot I'm doing for a magazine, but I'm not releasing those details yet. You'll have to stick around for the details of those paintings!


Jennifer said...

This looks so FUN! I am playing around with spackling! :) I saw you post your blog on the etsy forums tonight... so glad you did!

Judy said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished product, it sounds so interesting. Congrats on the magazine shoot!