Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our New Townhouse

I've been MIA again. I know. We've been busy looking for a new place, going on vacation, and just all around being lazy for a change. It's been nice. But I'll be closing my shop to catch up on some painting and get all ready to move to our new townhouse!!

We love it. Gorgeous views of the valley from the front of the house because we're halfway up the mountain, gorgeous views of the top half of the mountain from the backyard and the (HUGE!) master bedroom. Huge windows with great natural light. Vaulted ceilings. 2.5 baths. In a nice and quiet community. AND!!! A DISHWASHER! Four years of marriage and we still don't have a dishwasher because we've never moved out of our little newlywed apartment. Also, we'll now have our own washer and dryer and we won't have to use my grandparent's washer and dryer every week. They'll only be 5 minutes away now, too, so I can just go hang out with them without lugging over 8 loads of dirty laundry. It's much more fun if I'm not tethered to the laundry room every 40 minutes while I'm over there.

Like I said, we've never moved out of our newlywed apartment. Which has been fine--we've liked it here. And we've done it up really nice for a cheap little apartment. But really--we've got to get out of Utah Valley and the Provo/Orem area. People here are downright crazy and while I'm Mormon, I'm NOT "Utah Valley Mormon." Yes, I have my ears pierced. THREE TIMES! Therefore, I am a pariah.

So we're moving up to Salt Lake County to Draper. Now I can be snooty and look down at everyone else in the valley because Draper is where the rich people live. I'll probably just stay cool, though. ;) But at least I have the option!