Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

I am a Twilight fan.

But I am not a "Twihard." *cringe* I don't know how a word that...stupid...ever got popular and caught on to describe Twilight fans.

However, I am going to see the movie tonight at 7 p.m. because I won tickets on the radio. (I'm really good at winning things on the radio so I don't have to pay for stuff.)

But in honor of the movie tonight, what side are you on?

I Love Edward shelf sign by The Homespun Raven

I Love Jacob shelf sign by The Homespun Raven

I was actually asked by the radio announcer when I won if I was on Team Jacob or Team Bella...if anyone wants to clear that up for me, that'd be a great. Team Bella?

As for me, I'm on Team Edward for the whole Bella-relationship-thing, but I'm on Team Jacob for the rock hard abs.

While you're here, please please please answer the poll I have on the entry below? It'd give me some direction! :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

New Paintings, Still having a Sale, and a Poll

I have a bunch of new paintings available for sale! They all turned out great and I'm way proud of them! There are about 6 or 7 new ones up with a few more to come later tonight. Here's one of my favorites:

Blue Flowers - 8 x 10

I still haven't received my copy of USAA magazine, but someone sent me a scan of the page my husband and I are on:

You can buy this painting in my shop now. It was kind of hard to decide to part with it, but hey, a girl's gotta pay the bills. :) It's available for $175 in my Etsy shop, ArtsAfire. Isn't my husband handsome? :)

Darwin is doing great. He loves hanging out in my hair, playing in the backyard, and watching us watch movies while he occasionally takes a nap on my lap. I love my life and my men. :)

I sprained my ankle something fierce this weekend. It's the ankle I broke playing football with my friends way back when--it injures easily.There was a massive depression in the grass at the park and I fell right in because I was paying attention to the inflatable hammer that Jeremy had just won by winning that "hit the thing with the hammer and hit the bell at the top" strong-man contest. My ankle bone looks like a golf ball and I now have one fat ankle. I spent my entire day at the pool yesterday, floating on my "basic pool noodle" (that's what Wal-Mart calls it) in the water and building up my tan because I couldn't do anything else. No walking for Sara.

I won tickets to Twilight: Eclipse opening night this weekend. I actually sprained my ankle while I was at the park for the meet and greet with Demetri and Leah (the characters in the movie) that was part of my prize package. They didn't trump my throbbing ankle so I gave up on waiting for them to get there and instead, like a genius, insisted on going shopping because Ann Taylor Loft was having a sale and I NEEDED this dress (and it's out online):

Nope, nevermind. Can't show you because that's how out-of-stock it is. I got it. It's gorgeous on me. But my ankle hates me more now. Anyway, best $22 I've ever suffered through.

And finally, a poll. I'm re-stocking my shop but having a hard time deciding what to focus on, so any help would be appreciated. Please please pick your favorite from these choices and let me know which one you would like to see more of:

A) More Winnie the Pooh Quotes

B) More sculpted canvas paintings

C) More circular "wave" paintings

D) More Ray of Hope paintings

E) More color panel paintings in different colors and sizes

Any insight you could give me would be great! Just leave your choice(s) in the comments. :) Thanks!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Marathon Training

I bought an elliptical machine awhile ago, as I blogged about previously. However, it hasn't gotten as much action as I would like. What with moving and that awful bout of pneumonia (3 WEEKS!!), I have not been as diligent as I would have liked to be on my elliptical. So today, we're taking a break from blogging about art and etsy and business and we're going to talk about Sara's summer goal: to run a marathon on the elliptical machine.

I've posted my Marathon Training Schedule here should anyone like to join me. It doesn't have to be on an elliptical. Should you prefer to actually run, go for it! If you'd rather stair step for 26.2 miles, go right ahead! You'd be crazy, but go right ahead! Point is, I don't care how it's done, I just think it's a good goal and the end results will be a better fitness level and I'll be skinnier. I got the schedule from and I added in my yoga and weight lifting days. If you haven't exercised in the past, I suggest you go there and use the Mileage Buildup Schedule and then come and do the marathon schedule with me.

It starts today! And marathon day is on October 17th!! I'll be checking in here weekly and anyone who wants to join in is more than welcome to report their progress here, too!

In the meantime, here's an obligatory Darwin picture. A little blurry, but still cute. He loves hanging out on my shoulder, especially when my hair is down--it's like a Darwin fort or something.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

USAA Magazine article! and Other News

So, I've been hearing that it's come out. But I haven't seen it! It hasn't made it's way to my mailbox as of yet! If you're a USAA member, look for it coming soon!

In other news, our townhouse is almost completely decorated. Almost all the walls are painted (they were RED--not cool and a complete surprise for us--yay...). We only have one wall left in the kitchen which we'll finish tonight. And that one is white, so it's not offending us. We've become master painters--seriously, I don't even need to tape corners because I'm that good with a paint brush (but then, I'd better be, right? Otherwise I'm fooling anyone who buys one of my paintings).

Also, I'm not as "face-fat" as the USAA Magazine picture makes me look (see?)--the photographer chose a picture of me LAUGHING. This is why I hate photographers. Pick the most flattering one, not the most candid one. Anyway, here I am, sans-makeup and sans a good hair day, painting a Stick-Darwin on the wall we painted last night.

After the walls are finished, all we have to do is figure out what art goes where, and I have a few paintings that I need to paint to finish it up.

We love our new place. The pool is amazing. Our back patio is one of our favorite places. I have so many cupboards that I can't fill them all. (This would not be the case for someone with a real, full-size kitchen--but I come from a little tiny half-kitchen without a dishwasher. My new kitchen is a mansion-kitchen compared to what I had.)

Here's a shot of Jeremy at the pool with our mountain in the background (we're about half-way up it).

Hang gliders and paragliders over our new townhouse

We got a guinea pig!! His name is Darwin and he's the cutest, sweetest, best baby guinea pig in the history of guinea pig-dom.

Left to Right: Darwin eating his salad in his playpen while we paint--he loves those green peppers!; Darwin watching the Celtics (go Celtics!) v. Lakers game with us; Darwin enjoying the grass--yummy grass!

As far as the shop goes--I'm lowering the prices on my BIG/HUGE paintings. I don't have anywhere to store them easily and I have no walls where I want to use them. So if you've had your eye on any of them (the Spring Blossom tree, the two-canas Space painting, or the 30 x 80 Complementary Crashes (my favorite set of all time)), now is your chance to get them!

I also have new paintings to put up (in the same style as my USAA Magazine painting along with some new Ray of Hope series canvases) but I couldn't find my camera battery charger for the life of me. Found it late last night. Oh, the joys of moving!

I believe that's all I have to say at the next newsletter comes out next week! If you want to receive it, make sure you sign up on the right hand side of this page!

One more thing--the book I wrote for my work (Maximize Your Retirement Income: A Guide to Financial Decision Making at Retirement) is hitting the shelves the first of September.

I've started a blog around it--it gives retirement tips, Social Security information, etc...It's really helpful and gives great advice and tips on prepping for retirement. It could really use some followers and some blog-love. If you or anyone you know is nearing retirement or is thinking about their future retirement, please refer them to it! It's at