Thursday, June 17, 2010

USAA Magazine article! and Other News

So, I've been hearing that it's come out. But I haven't seen it! It hasn't made it's way to my mailbox as of yet! If you're a USAA member, look for it coming soon!

In other news, our townhouse is almost completely decorated. Almost all the walls are painted (they were RED--not cool and a complete surprise for us--yay...). We only have one wall left in the kitchen which we'll finish tonight. And that one is white, so it's not offending us. We've become master painters--seriously, I don't even need to tape corners because I'm that good with a paint brush (but then, I'd better be, right? Otherwise I'm fooling anyone who buys one of my paintings).

Also, I'm not as "face-fat" as the USAA Magazine picture makes me look (see?)--the photographer chose a picture of me LAUGHING. This is why I hate photographers. Pick the most flattering one, not the most candid one. Anyway, here I am, sans-makeup and sans a good hair day, painting a Stick-Darwin on the wall we painted last night.

After the walls are finished, all we have to do is figure out what art goes where, and I have a few paintings that I need to paint to finish it up.

We love our new place. The pool is amazing. Our back patio is one of our favorite places. I have so many cupboards that I can't fill them all. (This would not be the case for someone with a real, full-size kitchen--but I come from a little tiny half-kitchen without a dishwasher. My new kitchen is a mansion-kitchen compared to what I had.)

Here's a shot of Jeremy at the pool with our mountain in the background (we're about half-way up it).

Hang gliders and paragliders over our new townhouse

We got a guinea pig!! His name is Darwin and he's the cutest, sweetest, best baby guinea pig in the history of guinea pig-dom.

Left to Right: Darwin eating his salad in his playpen while we paint--he loves those green peppers!; Darwin watching the Celtics (go Celtics!) v. Lakers game with us; Darwin enjoying the grass--yummy grass!

As far as the shop goes--I'm lowering the prices on my BIG/HUGE paintings. I don't have anywhere to store them easily and I have no walls where I want to use them. So if you've had your eye on any of them (the Spring Blossom tree, the two-canas Space painting, or the 30 x 80 Complementary Crashes (my favorite set of all time)), now is your chance to get them!

I also have new paintings to put up (in the same style as my USAA Magazine painting along with some new Ray of Hope series canvases) but I couldn't find my camera battery charger for the life of me. Found it late last night. Oh, the joys of moving!

I believe that's all I have to say at the next newsletter comes out next week! If you want to receive it, make sure you sign up on the right hand side of this page!

One more thing--the book I wrote for my work (Maximize Your Retirement Income: A Guide to Financial Decision Making at Retirement) is hitting the shelves the first of September.

I've started a blog around it--it gives retirement tips, Social Security information, etc...It's really helpful and gives great advice and tips on prepping for retirement. It could really use some followers and some blog-love. If you or anyone you know is nearing retirement or is thinking about their future retirement, please refer them to it! It's at


Jennifer said...

How exciting! We are USAA members... I will be looking for it now!! :)

swanriverstone said...

lol---awww I am so sorry they (the photographer) picked a picture you didn't approve of!! You look beautiful and happy anyway;-)

but the painting is so cute and fun. Pools are great aren't' they lucky you!!

great blog post.


Sewlutions' World said...

Darwin is adorable! He reminds me of my GP (yes, that was his name) when I was a teenager. I loved the show Hammy hamster and yes, I had a hamster also name Hammy :-)