Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 4th of July!


To celebrate, ArtsAfire and ArtByJay are both having HUGE 4th of July sales!

Most paintings are $25 or less at ArtsAfire. Large or time-intensive paintings are over 50% off!

All original 18 x 24 paintings at ArtByJay are 30% off (for a savings of up to $83!), ACEOs are marked down to $5, and 8 x 10 prints are marked down to $14!

Now, moving on from the sale announcement, how are you planning on spending your 4th of July?

Me? I'm going to be resting my ankle so that it will finally be 1) less swollen, and 2) better. I'm going to be doing this resting at the pool. I have a "basic pool noodle" (so-named by Wal-Mart's price tag) and it allows me to float nicely in the pool without using my ankle. It's a good situation.

For anyone who isn't receiving updates on ArtsAfire and ArtByJay through Facebook and would like to, visit and to sign up to receive those updates! Facebook fans even get special deals and sales. Shhhh.

Also, new in ArtsAfire's shop:
Japanese character for "Love" - 8 x 10 digital print of an original intaglio print

And finally, I'm continuing my poll from two entries down. I'm re-stocking my shop but having a hard time deciding what to focus on, so any help would be appreciated. Please please pick your favorite from these choices and let me know which one you would like to see more of (so far, I have votes for pretty much each of them, so right now the consensus is to just keep doing them all):

A) More Winnie the Pooh Quotes

B) More sculpted canvas paintings

C) More circular "wave" paintings

D) More Ray of Hope paintings

E) More color panel paintings in different colors and sizes

Any insight you could give me would be great! Just leave your choice(s) in the comments. :) Thanks!!

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