Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Guinea Pig Giveaway!!

Anyone who knows me knows I love my piggies. Let's just take a moment to look at them and savor the adorableness.

Perfection all wrapped up in a guinea pig package. :)

Anyway, Patricia Ann over at Patricia Anne's Shenanigans is hosting a giveaway of one of Ellencho's adorable cuddle cups for small animals.

Every piggy needs a cuddle cup or a cuddle sack. So if you have a guinea pig and you love them, head on over here and enter.

Also, don't forgot about my shop closing sale. I'll pop back up around the holidays--I've done the accounting and the math and I can't continue to afford my shop for the rest of the year until the holiday season, when my shop actually pays for itself and makes a profit. Any thing in the shop now, will not be back. It's all drastically reduced. So definitely take advantage of the prices if you've had your eye on something!

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