Monday, April 8, 2013

Back from Hiatus

Life has settled back down.


We're now living in the midwest (West Bend, WI) and my husband is a bioinformatics analyst and I get to be a stay at home mom to our adorable two year old daughter, Scarlet, and our three guinea pigs, Darwin, Einstein, and Tesla.

Now that life has settled down, I'm back at the art thing. With a new shop name: Scarlet Blvd. Same location--old links will all still work. But the new official address is

I like this name better. We all like this name better.

Obviously I named it after my daughter.

There lots of new stuff in the shop--more modern things. Also historical things. Also just plain cool things. I've found a cool way to bridge my art history training with my art--blueprint art work. I'm just in love with it and I hope you like it, too. I'm still branching out into other things, too. I'm just having fun with it.

Hopefully you'll stick with me through this new transition. And hopefully you'll love my new stuff as much as I do.

Today, we're sick. Specifically, I'M sick. I built a big fort in my bedroom on our four poster bed, and Scarlet and I have been coloring and watching kiddie shows all day.

We did take a break for some fun painting time, though. I try to do something that explores her creativity each day--you'll see some of it here.
I discovered this great little FREE app in the Apple Store called Frametastic--it lets me do these fun framed photo collages. There are tons of different layouts to choose from within the free edition. I highly recommend it. 

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