Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pinterest to the Rescue: Saving My Beloved Anthropologie Shower Hooks

To anyone else, my light green porcelain shower curtain hooks might seem boring. But I love them. My husband got them for me for Christmas 6 years ago from Anthropologie and they've been in our main bathroom every since.


We just moved. And painted our main bathroom blue. And my shower hooks clash now. And they don't go with our master bathroom either. *Le Sigh*

I guess I got my use out of them. 6 years is pretty good for $16.

Hold on though! I can fix them to match our new bathroom (blue, black, and white)? And all it takes is a Sharpie and an oven?

I was going to buy new ones, so if I botched this I figured I wasn't out anything.

Cue The Sharpie!

The tutorial I saw (the really popular one on Pinterest, with the teal Sharpie knobs via Teal & Lime) showed the lines of the Sharpie kind of creating a variegated look as the lines overlapped--I'm guessing this is a product of the colored Sharpies. The black went on smoothly and without any sort of fussing. 

I poked them through a cardboard box to dry overnight--they do smear quite easily for the first hour or so.

Then I popped those babies into the oven the next day at 350 degrees F for 30 minutes. (Please note my hand painted "Tea Room," "Sugar Shop," and "Flour House" and my gorgeous yellow house cookie jar--THRIFTED. In perfect condition and thrifted! Thrifting is a new thing for me--and not because of that heinous "Thrift Shop" song. I've discovered that it's actually a very fun and useful way to shop sometimes. I highly recommend it as long as you have reputable stores--Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul, or Vine stores, for instance.)

Please excuse my wrinkled shower curtain--I didn't pull it out of the dryer as quickly as I should have.

So pretty and shiny and matching! And it cost me $0 because I already owned a Sharpie. 

Thanks Teal & Lime and Pinterest! 

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