Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We're Big on Daily Arts and Crafts

As you can probably tell, I'm big on adding some sort of art or craft into our daily routine. But to do this, I have to be organized. 

Otherwise, it just won't happen.

I've had a few questions about how I get this done. A few things to remember to make it easy on yourself:

1. It doesn't have to be hard--think of the easiest system that will work for you!
2. Keep it simple--kids will figure out what they want to do with the materials with just a little guidance from you.
3. Keep it all in ONE PLACE. That makes clean up easy, and it's not so daunting to gather up the necessary materials to get started.
4. Buy a cheap plastic shower curtain. It's so handy. You can spread that out, let the art happen, then if the shower curtain is really messy, throw it in the washer on cold with either a little vinegar or a little bit of regular detergent, then pull out and hang to dry. (This is also a good tip for your regular shower curtains--keeps them looking new!)

Here's what I do:

Everything has it's own bag or container. That way when it's time to craft, I pull out the bag that we need for the project and get to work!

Coloring/painting supplies all together in the Crayola bucket, stickers all in one bag, Playdoh and cookie cutters all together, pipe cleaners and pom poms together in a box, and a bag of miscellaneous crafting supplies (easter grass, tulle, ribbon, etc...).

Paper/contact paper/coloring books all go together, a bag of adult tools (fancy paints, glue guns, scissors, etc...), a bag of glue and things to be glued, yarn, and even a bag of our "in process" crafts.

Our trusty shower curtain--cut in half for manageability

And it all fits in this little Ikea basket in the corner of our hallway closet! It's so convenient and easy!

And get creative with your craft supplies!! I have everything from pink tulle and fabric butterfly clips to wooden easter ornaments and the foil tops of festive garden stakes (they just pull right off the metal stake and are ready to be glued!).

And think creatively about where to get your arts and crafts supplies. Always check out the after-holiday clearance for things like stickers, the garden stakes I mentioned above, and other lightweight decorations. 

My local Goodwill is a treasure trove of crafting supplies. If you're lucky like I am and your local Goodwill is a Target clearinghouse, you can clean up on the Target Dollar Spot items. They come to the Goodwill and end up on the "Fun Items for $0.25" racks. I've gotten all our coolest crafting supplies from there! And there is usually a crafting supply section back in the aisles where they'll have fabric remnants, yarn, stamps, rhinestones, beads, etc...

You can easily fill a basket like this for under $15 and then you'll have everything you need for hours of fun with your kiddos!

To get some fun ideas for art time with your child, visit my Pinterest Art Time board.

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