Thursday, June 13, 2013

70s Endtables: Beat Up to New & Chic

Recently I found some end tables at a neighbor's rummage sale (during our designated town-wide rummage sale weekend--yup, those exist!) and they had some great bones. They were already in pretty good shape, just dated and a little scratched up from 30 or so years of use, but in remarkably good condition considering their age. So I picked them up at $4 a piece and they've been sitting in my garage waiting for me to finish them for the last month.

Our family room needed a finishing touch and I figured these end tables were just what was needed, so my husband and I went and pick up our supplies. In addition to some Rustoleum primer and some lace I'd picked up at a Joann's store closing sale, I used these colors--Dark Walnut, Lagoon, and Lacquer (useless--don't use it).


The tables before:


I covered the drawer fronts in lace using basic mod podge (glossy formula because I already had it in my art supplies):

 Primed it all with Rustoleum gray spray primer:

Painted the drawers Lagoon--inside and out--makes the inside of the drawer more fun. And painted the tables with the Dark Walnut. Two coats of each. 

Painted the handles with some Rustoleum Oil-Rubbed Bronze that I had on hand.

After all of this dried, I applied the lacquer. And then applied more lacquer. And then went and bought more lacquer and applied more lacquer. And it was blotchy and uneven and left behind a weird texture. So I gave up on that and finished it with Mod Podge Hard Coat--a hard, durable satin-finish mod podge for furniture. And ta-da! The finished product!


Really easy project for really big impact and great results! It finishes the room off nicely. Next I'll be re-upholstering this chair to go opposite the LoveSac in this room to create another "grown up" seating space. ;)

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Carmen said...
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Carmen said...

There's no end to what can happen when you're creative! Love the tables. The bright color will be cheery in your home. Can't wait to see the upholstered chair.

Love, Grandma H.

Ann Barnes said...

So cute! I love the lace fronts and your colors are spectacular!

Ann Barnes said...
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